Big Bottle Handling


Water dispensers have become a staple in every household in the modern world. The demand is growing and industrialists are feeling the pressure.
But simply filling these bottles is not enough. The distribution of these big bottles has been typically direct to the consumer. These bottles cannot be stacked and need a rack to store them in trucks. Racks are a big part of this industry and the efficient handling of these racks is essential.

Automatic Loading Of The Racks

Smaller operations rely on manual handling, including loading on the racks. But these bottles are typically heavy (almost 20kgs) and manual loading is a slow and ergonomically dangerous task.
Technica lends you a helping hand with its Robotic Rack Loading solutions. Depending on the speed of your production, the robot can pick up to 8 simultaneous bottles. The size and nature of your bottles will dictate our choice of the gripping head (Shovel, Grippers, Vacuum)

Automatic Unloading Of The Racks

Racks coming back from the market are full of empty reusable bottles. While these bottles are not heavy when empty, the process is still slow and inefficient. With the help of our Robot Solutions, Automatic unloading is the way to go.
Using pneumatic grippers, the robot grips each row of empty bottles by the neck and places them on the conveyors to be sent to the washer.
But this process is simple, and, depending on the parameters of your operation, can be merged into the Loading station using the same robot.

Rack Washer And Dryer

After a long round in the market, the plastic racks are subjected to the elements: Wind, debris, sand, and dirt. All of these particles need to be cleaned out before the racks are introduced back into your production.
Technica’s in-line washer-dryer combo is an enclosed and splash-free solution fit to be installed downstream from your rack unloader or as the loading point of your line.

If you are still handling your water bottles manually, put them down and give our sales team a call.

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