Edible Oil


Cooking oil or Edible oil, as referred to in the industry, is one of the essential industries for our contemporary food market.

But unlike other foods, Oil production has some slippery problems and sticky situations. Choosing the right equipment is important to ensure a steady operation.

Oil Spills Are Your Enemy

Any oil producer will tell you that careful maintenance is the difference between a smooth operation and constant downtime.

As much as we try to design our systems to avoid them, oil spills are inevitable.

When spilled oil gets hot, surfaces become slippery. While inexperienced industrialists might brush it off as “free lubrication”, this will set an upper limit to your conveyor speeds. Accumulation becomes impossible as bottles will collide and topple over.

When spilled oil dries up, it becomes sticky. This will lead to increased friction all over the system and increases wear on all the parts. This is the main reason why plastic chains and components are not advisable in oil production.

Clean Design And Regular Cleaning

Since oil spills are inevitable, it is our responsibility to ensure our machines can handle these incidents and are easy to clean.

Technica’s machines follow “clean design” standards shared by our oil-producing clients over the years. Every aspect of our machines and conveyors should be designed in a way to avoid the accumulation of spilled oil, especially under the conveyor chains. We take special care to ensure that every bearing is shielded and protected against the ingress of spilled oil.

Our machines are easy to clean and will not be a hindrance for your weekly cleaning and monthly CIP protocols.

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