Bottled water has proven to be a commodity in high demand. With the convenience of PET bottles and the rising trend against sugary drinks, the demand for bottled water has risen tremendously on a global scale.

Global consumption of bottled water has reached around 391 billion liters in 2017 (Statista.com, 2020) and consumption per capita has reached 42.3 gallons in 2018 in the US alone, up from 16.2 gallons a mere 19 years ago (Statista.com, 2020).

The push for high speed

To meet the rising demand, the water industry has been forced to adapt. Speeds that were considered imaginary just a few years ago are now commonplace (81,000 BPH).

Continuous motion replaces intermittent motion, turrets replace linear tracks and everything runs at peak efficiency.

Different shapes, different flavors

Glass bottles were the only way to distribute bottled water, but the advent of PET bottled resulted in total market domination of PET.


With rising concerns over health and environmental issues, non-returnable glass bottles are making a comeback in today’s market.

Carbonated (Sparkling) water has made its way into the industry, and with it came the use of cans alongside PET and glass.

Each bottle material requires a different approach and Technica is ready to help you with your selection.

Production scale that fits your demand

Not everyone needs to send over 1.25 million bottles into the market. With its years of experience in the market, Technica can help you analyze the true size of your demand. With the help of its key partners, Technica will help you install the correct turnkey bottling line for your market!


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