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In industrial automation, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. From that perspective, Technica has taken the initiative and created the automation academy: an in-house and On-site training programaiming to train the customer’s team to improve their ability to maintain Technica systems.

Electrical systems And Maintenance - Electrical Maintenance Team

A robust understanding of electrical systems is the basis of effective troubleshooting and preventative maintenance. In this course, electrical maintenance staff will learn how to:
In this course, electrical maintenance staff will learn how to:
  • Use a wide range of diagnostic options
  • Eliminate malfunctions through preventative protocols
  • Do repair work on faulty systems.
  • Configure any machine and resume production after failure.
  • Reading and understanding wiring diagrams
  • Identifying electrical components
  • Identifying safety circuits
  • Using frequency drives

Automation Systems - Electrical Engineers

Even if your circuitry and wiring are in top shape, some problems might still occur in your production. Basic knowledge of automation concepts and tools is crucial to diagnose and eliminate faults in your machine operation.

In this course, electrical engineers will learn:

  • Basic knowledge of PLC operation, programming, and troubleshooting
  • Basic knowledge of HMI operation, programming, and troubleshooting
  • Basic knowledge of Frequency drives operation, programming, and troubleshooting
  • Theoretical learnings on different automation components

Robot Integrated Systems - Electrical Engineers & Service Technicians

The rise of industrial robots has left a lot of traditional plants hesitant to make the leap. Technica aims to educate your team and dissipate any worries concerning robots and robot integrated solutions.

In this course, electrical engineers & service technicians will:

  • Familiarize with Industrial robots for 2 of the biggest robot manufactures (ABB/KUKA)
  • Learn manual operation of robots
  • Learn recovery from fault
  • Learn diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Learn basic program and path adjustments
There is no shame in not knowing but in refusing to learn. Book your training programs with Technica by contacting our sales team.

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