Remote Assistance


Remote Assistance

One of the most frequent pain points that industrialists face all around the world is the lack of quick local support from vendors.

Here at Technica we aim to provide local service to all our customers in our territories worldwide. But what if your problems did not require an onsite intervention? Waiting for a service team to arrive at your factory is a thing of the past.

A perfect marriage of Hardware and Software

In addition to the software platform, our remote assistance solution relies on hardware installed in your machines to harvest real-time data: These range from the communication modules in your electrical panel to special sensors placed in various positions to detect diagnostics data.

Some hardware is also necessary to perform the video call either through a mobile tablet or augmented reality glasses.

With the help of our partners,

Privacy and Security

To ensure excellent audio and video transmission in terms of quality, our partners have installed private servers in the main global geographical areas. Servers are chosen based on proximity and network congestion to ensure clear video conversations for everyone.

The platform is designed to comply with the GDPR. After thorough legal consultation, all non-compliant activities and risks were eliminated to improve the security and level of protection of personal data.

Why go Remote

While some still prefer in-person interventions, digital technology has allowed us to provide the same quality of service at a fraction of the overhead costs. Don’t hesitate to try remote connection and benefit from all the below:

  • Get access to our most experienced technical experts.
  • Reduced time to understand your problem
  • Avoid travel overhead costs
  • Get a detailed and precise walkthrough for actions to be carried out
  • Communicate with us through a safe chat
  • Increase production efficiency by minimizing downtime

Start saving now, use our remote assistance program. Contact our Services Team today.

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