Automatic Truck Loading


The fast-paced consumer lifestyle that we are leading in the 21st century is pushing all industries to be pushing their productions to their limits.
But of what use is a high-speed production if you cannot deliver your products to the market at the same pace?

Manual Truck Loading Is A Waste Of Time

Most inefficiencies during your logistics operations lie in your loading and unloading processes. Between 30 and 45 minutes all being wasted on loading a single truck. Depending on the expected trip, this process can constitute up to 50% of your time and up to 66% if you consider unloading.
Most warehouse managers are under the assumption that doubling the number of loading and unloading bays leads to their operation being twice as efficient. This will only cut idle times of waiting trucks in half, but it does nothing to improve the operation of each bay.

Automatic Truck Loading For Pallets

Automatic truck (un)loading systems, also known as ATLS, are simple in concept: You prepare the full pallet load on conveyors and push it into the truck in one. Different technologies allow different approaches to ATLS. Some require modifications in the trucks, some require an automatic unloading system, but some allow automatic loading without truck modification, but at an increased investment.
These systems allow you to shrink truck loading and unloading times by up to 90%.

Automatic Truck Loading For Unit Loads

But why stop there? Loading pallets automatically can reduce loading times dramatically, but loading of full pallets still comes up short at a mediocre 75% fill rate.
Unit loading of trucks is common in some industries, but it is normally avoided due to a myriad of issues:

  • Slow operation (4 hours to load one truck)
  • Labor intensive
  • No tracking and reporting of products/operation
  • Ergonomic problems for heavier loads

With Technica’s patent-pending solution, these problems are a thing of the past:

  • No operators needed
  • Vehicle Fill Rate up to 95%
  • Filling time less than 50min per container
  • Flexible to accommodate any type of packages
  • List IteReversible system for loading or unloading containers.m

Be one of the first to join our revolution and transform your truck loading operation today. Be sure to reach out to our sales team.

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