Efficient Logistics Solutions with Technica's FlowSort Divertor Systems

Technica is proud to offer industry-leading divertor solutions in collaboration with FlowSort, a trusted provider of innovative logistics automation technology. Within our Logistics category, we bring you a comprehensive range of smart divertor systems designed to optimize material handling and streamline logistics processes.

Our divertors are intelligently engineered to handle various package sizes, weights, and shapes, ensuring seamless and efficient flow throughout the logistics process.

With FlowSort’s expertise and Technica’s extensive knowledge in logistics automation, we deliver state-of-the-art divertor technology that revolutionizes the way materials are sorted, diverted, and merged.


Our divertor solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries such as e-commerce, warehouse management, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities.


Technica’s divertor systems, powered by FlowSort’s advanced technology, provide precise control over the flow of goods, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Whether it’s diverting products onto different conveyor lines, merging multiple lines into a single flow, or accurately managing the flow of goods, our divertors offer reliable performance and increased operational flexibility.

By incorporating Technica’s divertor solutions into your conveyor setup, you can experience a range of benefits. These include optimized throughput, reduced downtime, improved accuracy, increased operational efficiency, and enhanced overall productivity. Our divertor systems are designed for easy integration, scalability, and intuitive operation, allowing for seamless integration with your existing logistics infrastructure.

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